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What is a brand?
In a nutshell, a brand represents your company's reputation and personality. The best brands create a special bond with its customers that makes them stand out from the crowd, particularly in competitive markets.

Branding can consist of many things including:

a brand name and logo
a slogan or tagline
a general look - including your signage, marketing materials, stationery etc.
the personality and values of your organisation
the way you create trust and emotional connections with your customers;

- the whole of which should be much greater than the sum of the parts.
We make you stand out
Why do you need brand management?
The answer is simple, strong effective design and marketing can make you stand out from competitors offering similar products or services. It can help you attract market segments that you were missing. It communicates and advertises your products, what your business is about and what you stand for to your customers,

- in order to ultimately GET BETTER RESULTS.

Image is everything, and we can help build a successful brand with you that customers can trust. We can help you to embody attributes that customers can connect and feel drawn to. With our intelligent use of design you can influence the perception of consumers towards your business, and get the customers you are currently losing out on.
Does it really work?
It's a fact that customers expect to pay more for branded products than unbranded products.

Would you pay the same price for a supermarket's own brand cola as you would for a bottle of Coca Cola?
Famous brands
A brand with a strong market presence can add value to your organisation. With our expertise we can help to nurture your brand and identity into a successful and timeless icon, lead you ahead of your competitors, broadening your target market. Giving you the potential to access markets you couldn’t before.

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Featured Project
We were recently assigned to manage the brand of the exclusive Groundshaker UK - the world's leading discotheque designer brand. Services included:

Market Research
Brand Analysis Report
Website Redesign & Implementation
Billboard Design
Stationery Redesign & Print
Marketing Material Creation
Continuous Brand Management

View the Groundshaker UK Website Here

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