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International Speaker and Author of the Best Selling Book, “How Can I Get Myself To Do What I Need To Do?” Terry Gogna, provides invaluable solutions to the concerns so many sales people struggle with outside of ‘skills based’ training.
Why get Terry to speak to your staff?
Because Terry has the solutions they you are looking for:.

How can we increase the retention rate of the 'potentially good‘ sales people we already have on our team?

Terry will teach your people how they can train themselves to be mentally tougher and discover their true passion so they are able to handle the rejection and the struggles that they will face and have to go through, in order to achieve success.

How can we increase productivity of the team we already have in place?

Terry will teach your people how they can get themselves to do what they need to do when they just don't feel like doing it and how to recognize the difference between 'Future Based' & 'Present Based' events; since Future Based events are the only true root cause of an increase in productivity.

A lack of support from family always affects the performance of the achiever.
How can we make sure this is prevented?

Terry will teach your people how they can organize & prioritize the events in their personal and professional lives in a way that will enable them to achieve success in ALL areas of their lives at the same time.

We believe in growing people, not just making money? How can you help our people grow?

Terry has studied 'personal development' for over 20 years.

Terry provides not fluff, but practical solutions for people's real-life concerns.

He teaches people how they can create their own personal 'success environment‘ and that there is no such thing as a secure job or business, there are only 'SECURE' people. A secure person is not only a person who believes in himself but actually spends time on improving himself in all areas of his life.

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Terru Gogna speaking
Terry Gogna has spoken to audiences of 1000’s; helping leaders maximize the profitability and retention rate of their Teams.
Topics Terry speaks about
Why Is my life not changing? - An introduction to the P.E.M. System philosophy
10 Strategic Formulas for getting yourself to do what you need to do
There is no such thing as a secure job or business, there are only SECURE people
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Whether you have 10 or 10000 people in your organization, Terry would be honoured to speak to them and have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives as well as your business.

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